Sorry Letter

Sorry LetterFind out how a sorry letter works out in all the bad situations. Life has many situations when one first does mistakes and then realizes the folly. This is because no one is life is perfect. And in these situations comes the word sorry. Sorry is a word which brings back many things to its right places. By just using this five letter word one can change the bad mood of a person into a jolly one and make one’s day.

But it’s a human tendency of not bending down, come what may. Though one will realize his or her mistake, but when its comes to saying a sorry one would think hundred times. The hesitation does not allow a person to say sorry so easily. Here comes in the concept of a sorry letter. When one can’t go to the person one wanting to sorry, one can just commit it to paper that he or she is sorry. Sorry letter works out for most of the situations. It is written to try and make corrections in the mistakes committed by one.

In a sorry letter it is always a good idea to begin a letter with the reason for what you are apologizing. One must specify the reason so that the person knows that you are ready to admit for your mistake. The sorry letters should be short “I am sorry” letters. The letter must start with plain admission of guilt and express your wish to set right everything in to their correct places. These letters can be for business purpose, ones parents, ones uncle, to husband, sister, love and ones boss. But for these entire letters one must follow some format. Business letters and letters to ones boss must be in a formal language. For business letters one must offer a gesture of goodwill first and then apologize for ones mistakes.

This is because the final aim of a sorry letter is to bridge the gap made by ones mistake. So it should seem to be a sincere attempt to ones boss or business allies. But a different format goes for your parents, love and other relatives. They should be words which open lines of communication and start to your path of forgiveness. A sorry letter contains three paragraphs. The first paragraph must tell the reason for ones apology. And it must specify a very sincere sorry for the mistake committed. The second paragraph must say that one should not have done the mistake and also say that such a mistake won’t happen again. It should also say that you are hoping that you will get a chance to prove this to person you are apologizing. The third paragraph of ones sorry letter must be a hope of being forgiven by the person. And also it must tell that such a mistake won’t be repeated once again.

Therefore sorry letter works and can do wonders. The person you are trying to convince will also feel better and will give a big smile by seeing this letter. Therefore this five letter word sorry word can make anyone smile and everyone happy!!

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