I am sorry

I am sorrySaying I am sorry could be the easiest or most difficult thing depending upon your attitude. But if you think you have done a mistake, then although you cannot undo the damage all the time, you can also mend the wounds by taking the responsibility and owning up to your mistakes. You can heal broken hearts by a simple and heartfelt – I am sorry.

The best way to say I am sorry would be to just meet the person face to face and apologize for you mistake. However, simple and old fashioned it might sound; it is the best and most simple way to apologize. But if you are not comfortable saying sorry face to face then thanks to new technologies, you have lot of ways to say I am sorry. You can choose to pick up the phone and say I am sorry, or you can write an email or hand written sorry letter. You can also send phone messages to say you are sorry. Also if you are far away and can’t meet, you can video chat and say sorry or send e-cards of sorry. Whichever method you choose, remember that it would work only if your apology is genuine and heartfelt.

If you choose to write a letter of apology to the concerned person be it you girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or parents, then you should remember to careful word the letter. Writing an “I am sorry” letter eliminates the pressure that may build when apologizing in person. Also you have to remember to convey all your thoughts and emotions in a clear and correct way, so that the person to whom you are apologizing interprets it in the correct way.

When you write an apology letter, acknowledge of the incident for which you are apologizing and how bad you feel about it. You can say “I wish I could undo it, I am so sorry”, “I feel so bad for hurting your feelings” or “I hope you forgive me for such irrational behavior”. Saying I am sorry wouldn’t be difficult if you are feeling it from the heart. You can also include any beautiful memories that you have and relit the candle of love. When you are sending an “I am sorry” email, remember to add smileys and little emoticons in it. If you are writing sorry email for your girlfriend you can also add link for e card in your email which says I love you and I am sorry.

If you write a hand written letter to say I am sorry, then it adds more personal touch, rather than typed email. You can put little stickers here and there and also add little printouts of your pictures together of happier times to remind the person of all the wonderful moments you shared together. Don’t forget to write how much you miss those wonderful times and would love to be back together. Just go for whichever way you find best and hopefully it would bring your loved ones back to you.

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