Im Sorry Letter

IM Sorry LetterHave you committed a mistake of early and don’t know how to apologize?? Fin out how to say Im sorry letter. Im sorry is word which brings a quick smile on the face of the person to whom you are saying it. It is the five lettered word which releases the tension of the person saying it. No person in this world is perfect. So this gives rise to many mistakes in one entire life.

It’s the human nature of not bending down and not accepting ones mistake. It is too late when one realizes the mistake and hesitation creeps in for saying a sorry. There comes to rescue Im sorry letter. It is often very hard to say things. Therefore it is preferred to write such things out. Sorry letters makes it easy to accept mistakes. Sorry letters can be written to ones boss, one general manager, managing director, friend mom, dad and anyone. The letter must specify the reason for your mistake. Im sorry letter for business purposes must be strictly in a formal language. They should be straight to the point and should not be lengthy. A simple “Im sorry” can also do the work but only for non formal letters like for friends and other relatives.

Im sorry letter can do wonders in all ways. Firstly one must ask oneself how serious is ones mistake? How close are you are to the person you are saying sorry? If the relationship with the person is close then a gift with Im sorry letter could do wonders. It is easy to say a sorry when you really are. For a co-worker, colleagues and friends perhaps a hand written letter could be a great idea. It will make them realize that how important they are to you. So a hand written letter is better for all the people of your age and your post. Writing a Im sorry letter to your sibling or cousin becomes an easy job. This is because you have grown up with them and you are aware of them behavior and nature. But by writing a letter to them makes them feel special and they will become really very happy.

Ones Im sorry letter must have three paragraphs. The first one saying a sorry and giving some valid reasons for ones mistake. The first paragraph must tell the reason for ones apology. And it must specify a very sincere sorry for the mistake committed. The second paragraph must say that one should not have done the mistake and also say that such a mistake won’t happen again. It should also say that you are hoping that you will get a chance to prove this to person you are apologizing. The third paragraph of ones Im sorry letter must be a hope of being forgiven by the person. And also it must tell that such a mistake won’t be repeated once again.

The magic of making up with your loved ones gives an amazing feeling. It is the feeling much higher than that of having a fight. So write a Im sorry letter and make up with your boss, friends, colleagues and live a happy life!!

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