I’m sorry notes

I’m sorry notesIf you want to say sorry to someone and find it difficult to say it to them directly then I’m sorry notes can do the trick for you. Saying sorry for your mistakes is a sign of maturity and ability to take responsibility for your actions. Yet people find it very hard to say sorry even if they know they are wrong. Sometimes just saying sorry face to face make some people uncomfortable and here is where I’m sorry notes can help solve the problem. What you can’t say, you can write.

If you are one of those who have trouble apologizing directly to a person, then thanks to technologies, there are several ways it can be done. You can pick up the phone and say sorry, but it is still kind of direct. You can write an email or a letter. But writing a well worded and long letter is not for everyone. So if the above options don’t suit you then writing simple I’m sorry notes would be the best. This is like not frills thing and yet it can convey your feeling in a very simple and straightforward way.

Whoever you want to apologize to, be it your girlfriend, boyfriend, colleague, parents, spouse or friend, a simple I’m sorry note would be enough to win them over. It does not require any skill or letter writing. You can just use some or those sticky post it papers and scribble you apology on it and place it where the person you want to apologize finds it. You can stick you I’m sorry notes on the mirror, on the desk, on the laptop, on the car driving wheel etc. Just be sure to place it in the spot where the person you want to say sorry definitely finds it. Say if you want to write I’m sorry notes for your mom, you can just stick it on her bathroom mirror or on the fridge.

I’m sorry notes would bring a smile on the persons face and make them forget the reason of argument or fight between you. When you make I’m sorry notes you can use different colored pens and include little smiley faces just to add a little detail. You can just be genuine and say “sorry have hurt you darling”, “Sorry mom, this won’t happen again”, “I am sorry, forgive me”.

You can make several different I’m sorry notes and place them strategically so that they would find them in different places. Like first would be “I am sorry” by the mirror, “I love you” by the coffee pot, “I want to be with you” by the car keys, “cheer up and have a great day” on the car stereo, “can’t wait to see you later today” in the wallet etc. These are just examples of how you can use simple notes and cheep up a person for the entire day. So go ahead and say sorry with I’m sorry notes and patch up back with your special someone.

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