Sorry Letter Example

Sorry Letter ExampleThis sorry letter example will really help you to make the person you want to a say sorry very happy. Life has many situations when one first does mistakes and then realizes the folly. This is because no one is life is perfect. And in these situations comes the word sorry. Sorry is a word which brings back many things to its right places. By just using this five letter word one can change the bad mood of a person into a jolly one and make one’s day.

Here are two sorry letter examples. One example for a mistake in professional life and the other example for a mistake in personal life. An apology letter for business purposes should not be very much pleading. The matter for a business apologizing should be as follow:

I am really sorry for the last mistake we committed. We sent you the wrong order. It was a mistake from our side. We did not check the packages before departing them. It was the mistake of the new sales executive appointed. He was not aware of our policies which are conducted in our firm. He just dispatched the consignment without consulting the senior authorities. This lead to the entire chaotic situation. Sir we are really apologetic for our mistake and are very sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. We assure you that such a mistake wont be repeated and surely try to improve. We are also sending some of our employees to change your packages and provide you with your requirement and the best of quality. We hope that you will be satisfied with our service and give us a chance to serve you further.

This sorry letter example was for a wrong business order. All business sorry letters must be short and must firstly specify the reason. Then one must specify the reason for the mistake and apologize for it. Also one must specify the ways of correcting he mistake.

A sorry letter example for personal mistake:
I am really very sorry for not wishing you for your birthday. It jus ran of my mind because of the entire work load on my head. I know you would be really angry with me for not wishing you but please try and understand that I was very much under pressure from the work load of my office. I assure you that I am surely coming at your place for correcting my mistake and we all friends will celebrate your birthday with great joy and fun. Hope you will forgive me.

A personal sorry letter example is as above. It is a friend asking for forgiveness for forgetting the birthday of the other friend. It must specify the reason and it should not be pleading for forgiveness and being emotional. One must accept the mistake and assure that the mistake won’t happen again.

These were just two sorry letter example. One can write many such letters for various such reasons. The format has to be the same with some formal language for business letters. This sorry letter example will really help and make your as well as the person you are asking for forgiveness!!

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